Robor Divisions

Profix Robor Scaffolding supplies access scaffolding material to site and carefully manage the erection, inspection, handover and dismantling of this material. The division offers an all-round on-site scaffolding management system with fully trained competent employees. Because there are no limitations as to what can be done with scaffolding, the division is able to work within a multitude of industries erecting all types of scaffolds, from the most basic applications to specialised structures. CONTACT - or visit their website:

TRICOMTricom Structures provides opportunities within the Renewable Energy, Telecom, Powerline and other structural business sector requirements. Notably the following: Telecommunication environment , Transmission & Distribution, Specialised Structures, Renewable Energy Structures. Tricom Structures exports directly into greater Africa and beyond. Its capability and services consists of ; Engineering and Design, Manufacturing, Product Development & Support, Packaging & Shipping incl. Warehousing.    WEBSITE  -

Mine Support Products manufactures the ROCPROP RANGE of PRODUCTS which is an all-steel elongated support system engineered to maintain load-bearing characteristics in static and dynamic load conditions in both high closure and seismic mining environments. Under static conditions, ROCPROP offers consistent load-bearing characteristics ensuring that the hanging roof remains intact. Furthermore, it keeps key blocks in place by providing resistance in both static and seismically active conditions . ROCPROP roof-support system is suitable for both hard rock and soft rock mining environments.   WEBSITE -



Robor Primary Products are a leading edge manufacturer at the forefront of the African steel industry. Based in Johannesburg we have developed a steel processing facility of world class standards. Robor Primary Products is the largest supplier of longitudinally welded steel tube and pipe in southern Africa with an installed capacity of 250,000 tons. This is complemented by a state of the art value add fabrication operation with the capability to handle the full range of customer requirements. Robor Primary Product’s fully integrated supply chain ensures excellent quality service and delivery lead times through its world class distribution centre order tracking, stock, and logistics systems.

Robor Exports have been an exporter of tube and pipe for over 50 years to more than 50 countries in North and South America, Europe, Africa, the Far East and Australasia. Particular areas of success have been into the bulk materials handling and mining segments. Water reticulation and niche OCTG product lines continue to bolster our export offerings. Value added product offerings include galvanizing and a range of end finishes to facilitate the joining of pipes.


Robor Pipe Systems - manufactures and supplies a range of steel pipe and customised conveyance pipe solutions and products. Latest technology addresses all conveyance needs, particularly for the conveyance of water, oil and gas, slurry and air. Robor Pipe Systems also has a dedicated team focusing on high pressure pipe and related systems. As part of  the complete piping solutions they offer coatings and linings, corrosion protection, abrasion resistant linings, as well as fittings, flanges and couplings.

Robor Structural Solutions is a manufacturer and supplier of cold formed steel sections as well as a range of value added services which includes but is not limited to: punching, light fabrication and painting, laser cutting and bending of tube and pipe. The division has also been structured as a solutions provider to the energy segment, particularly the renewable energy segment for Photovoltaic (PV) and Concentrated Solar Power (CSP), which includes a range of cold formed open sections, tube, steel sections, fabrication and galvanizing of complete components.