Products we offer

Robor has built its reputation on quality products manufactured to the highest standards. All Robor manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accredited which is testimony to our commitment to excellent quality and a healthy environment. Through our diverse product range we service various market segments.

Robor also offers a wide range of value added services utilizing state of the art equipment such as robotic welders, flatbed and tube lasers, high definition plasma cutters and electronic benders. We can galvanize a range of structural, mechanical and conveyance products.

Cold Rolled and Hot Rolled vs. Cold Formed and Hot Formed, the misconception...

There is a misconception regarding the terms cold and hot rolled and cold and hot formed. The difference in the terms is... Cold Rolled and Hot Rolled Products refers to the type of steel used “during the manufacturing process”. The difference between the two lies in the “material that the steel tube or profile was manufactured or rolled from”. Cold Formed Steel and Hot Formed Steel refers to the “process that the end product, steel tube or profile, underwent to be formed”. This can also be referred to as Hot or Cold Worked Steel Tubes.