Robor manufactures and supplies a range of customized steel pipe solutions and products to the water reticulation market. Robor supplies steel pipe and ductile iron pipe, innovative joining systems and all pipeline accessories such as fittings, flanges and couplings for the successful installation of water pipelines. As part of its complete piping solutions for water, we offer coatings and linings, corrosion protection, abrasion and pipe rehabilitation, as well as additional products that add a longer lifespan and functionality to pipelines. Robor has the capability to manufacture specialised items suited to the unique requirements of many markets.

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  • Corrosive and abrasive slurries or sewerage transfer pipelines
  • Water irrigation
  • Bore hole casings
  • Fire protection and air conditioning
  • Complete pipe systems for water conveyance
  • Variety of specialized coatings and linings are also available
  • Various other applications